Getting a tattoo may change your life forever, hence asking your artist relevant questions that can help you decide whether he/she is the best person to hire and/or whether a tattoo is right for you or not, is important. A good tattoo artist will not take for granted any inquiry, as he/she understands the implications of getting a tattoo.

This article can give you ideas of questions you can start with before hiring a tattoo artist.


The tattoo artist’s tenure

The length of time they provide such service says a lot about their expertise, professionalism and excellence. No tattoo artist in Gold Coast can last long in the industry unless they provide excellent service to their customers. If they are in the industry long enough, it only means that they have provided happiness and satisfaction to their previous and current customers.

Word of mouth is very important in the world of tattooing, hence if they were able to keep their shop open for a long time, they are being patronized.


Do they have complete certifications and accreditations?

Were they able to secure local Gold Coast permits and licenses? Some tattoo artists hang their certifications and accreditations on their shop’s walls. If you do not see it, it does not mean that they have none, feel free to ask the artist directly about it and make sure that they will show you a copy of certificates they claim they have.


Can I see your previous work?

If you can see at least one or two of their work in person, good, if not, you can settle for still photos of their work of art. When checking on still photos, make sure that it is real and not photoshopped.

If you find their work interesting and remarkable, then you must be talking to a good tattoo artist.

What guarantees would you get from their work?

If the finished product is far from your expectations and agreement, make sure that they will provide free retouch and fix. You may also want to know about their money-back guarantee in cases of crappy work.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The cost of the tattoo differs in many aspects, the size of the tattoo, the colours, the complexity and the tattoo artist him/herself. This question is not to hire the artist who charges the cheapest but to know how much you need to prepare to have your dream tattoo inked on your body.

Know the infection that you may get from it

A good and reputable tattoo artists will not think twice about letting you know the implications of a tattoo. Do not be satisfied with what you read on magazines and the internet, asking the professional him/herself about this is highly recommended.


Does a medical certificate need to be presented

A trusted and reliable tattoo artist, like Black Market Gold Coast tattoo artists, will not prick a needle on your body until he/she speaks with you about your medical condition. If they found out that you are in a medical condition where the tattoo is not highly recommended, he/she may ask you to present a medical certificate, if she ignores your medical condition, find someone else who cares about your welfare and not just your money.

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can from your tattoo artist. Never get inked unless all your worries and questions are satisfied.





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