Mental health is the ability to have adequate balance and well-being in the environment, as well as adequate control over thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

The mental well-being will allow us to face the activities in a productive way, it will give an emotional, psychological and social balance with what people deal with every day in their life.

There are many factors to maintain the health of everyone’s brain, from the food and activities they do every day.

Some of the foods that people can consume to keep their body in balance are:

  • Salmon
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Banana
  • Tea
  • Nuts
  • Cranberries and strawberries
  • Chocolate

Harmful habits of mental health

Two of the evils related to mental health are anxiety and stress. Anxiety is a response of the organism to perceive a threat or danger.

It is the way the body prepares someone to escape or fight a problem. Anxiety taken to an extreme can cause panic attacks, so it is important that people work on learning to stay calm in times of anxiety.

Stress is also a mechanism of defence of the body before a demand, usually external. If something causes people’s stress and they live with daily stress, they may have muscle or body aches.

In addition, one of the natural reactions of the body when a person encounters stress is that he loses the ability to differentiate between a scenario that needs a quick response and a dangerous situation.

Stress and anxiety impair mental health and people’s daily life. Some of the activities people can do to take care of their mental health are:

  • Get enough sleep
  • To do physical exercise
  • To meditate
  • Maintain social contact (friends and family)
  • Express feelings appropriately
  • Avoid stress
  • Relax
  • Take care of food
  • Keep positive thoughts
  • Perform healthy and outdoor activities

It is essential to take care of mental health to avoid any disorder that may affect the quality of life, as well as to visit the doctor frequently. Caring for each person health is simple. You should seek out services of a mental health clinic on the Gold Coast to get professional advise on your circumstances.

Good habits

The routine in activities and lifestyle prevent people from acquiring habits that can be harmful to their body, mood, and well-being; however, the practice of exercise is one of the essential tips to take care of people’s physical and mental health.

By practicing 20 minutes of meditation, stress levels are reduced, people sleep better, and there is an increase in attention.

  1. Listen to the body. When performing any physical activity it is important to pay attention to every detail since if the body is exercised improperly it could be fatal.
  2. Constancy. When someone performs an activity for a certain time they will notice the physical and mental changes. Do not give up on the first experiences and keep a positive attitude.
  3. Mix different techniques. When practicing aerobic and resistance exercises that include meditation, it will offer more benefits to people’s body than if they focus on a single activity.
  4. Running. With this activity people will feel relaxed and improve their mood. It is one of the best techniques to keep them physically and mentally healthy.
  5. Find motivation. Loving itself and keeping their self-esteem in good condition will allow people to find some motivations to take care of their overall health. Identify why each person wants to be well and read it little by little.

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