Skin needling has become all the rage in Brisbane today, and for good reason. The process of using a rolling pen or wand dotted with tiny needles to create tiny wounds to eventually make the skin look amazing can be quite weird.

Yet, skin needling seems to deliver on the claim. Making a person’s skin glow after one session and improve its appearance months later is the incredible benefits of skin needling, Brisbane.

How does skin needling work? Skin needling uses a Dermapen affixed with tiny needles. The needles create tiny and skin-deep wounds as a way to trigger a response of alarm from the body. The natural alarm response of the body allows it to send healing elements such as collagen and elastin. The presence of these elements boosts the radiance, strength, and health levels of the skin.

Skin needling brings incredible benefits, namely:

Stretch marks reduction

Pregnancy creates rapid growth of the skin, resulting in stretch marks. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks can be effectively helped by skin needling. The flexibility of the skin needling procedure is that it works on any part of the body.

Shrinks pores

Smaller pores create a tighter and toned look to the skin. While punching small wounds in the skin involved in skin needling may look counterintuitive, it helps to shrink pores. The stimulation provided by skin needling to the skin allows it to produce more collagen. The collagen boost plumps the skin to make its pores look almost non-existent.

Improves acne

Topical acne treatments to treat persistent acne become more effective when it is combined with skin needling. The skin clears up faster with regular skin needling sessions.

Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can make anyone look older than his/her actual age. The best way to boost up the production of elastin and collagen is by skin needling. Skin begins to achieve a youthful quality with the strength and structure provided by elastin and collagen.

The growth of new skin cells is also stimulated by skin needling. The new growth helps to diminish forehead wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet under the eyes.

Anti-aging qualities

Skin discoloration and wrinkles are not the only signs of aging. Lax skin due to loss of skin elasticity is another sign. Aging skin also loses lustre, making it look dull. All of these skin aging signs can be dramatically reversed by skin needling.

Skin sagging can be helped with the structure provided by a buildup of collagen. Skin becomes glowing and radiant after only a single-day skin needling session.

Sun-damaged skin

Age spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin are signs of sun damage. Sun worshippers tend to acquire brownish and blotchy complexions after years of sunning. The ability to stimulate new skin cells and collagen to even out the tone and vigour of sun-damaged skin is a skin needling treatment.

Fewer side effects

Intensive skin peeling or laser produces more side effects than skin needling. The zero downtime of a skin needling process allows complexions to become glowing and rejuvenated after 24-72 hours.

Man’s quest for the fountain of youth is realised in skin needling in Brisbane. Skin needling provides timely solutions to almost all skin problems with fewer side effects compared to other skin remedies.

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